Problem: Self driving cars are relatively new to the HCI community and extremely new to the general public.   I am currently co-leading a project group that is designing displays to convey system reliability information from the car to the driver.   For example, if the car's sensors are not able to pick up the lines on the road, the car needs to alert the driver to take back control. 

Process: This project is in the beginning stages.  The car shown is a driving simulator for user testing.  The dashboard will be replaced with screens and the windshield will have a heads up display, and we will be testing several different designs.  We are currently in the brainstorming phase.  The designs need to be glanceable, to minimize time the driver is not looking at the road (if they are driving).  We will add in auditory displays for warnings, such as the if car has lost feedback from a sensor and the human needs to take control. This is important not only for safety, but also to increase trust of the human in the system so they can relax and take full advantage of the technology. 

Solution: Yet to be determined!