Problem: Even when people make grocery lists, they still often find themselves at back at home after the store realizing they did not get something they needed, either because they forgot to write it down or they thought they already had the item. 

Process: In my first HCI/UX class, I worked in a team with two computer science students and one computational media student.  We had friends and family fill out a survey asking about their grocery habits, including about how they currently make a grocery list and how they keep track of what is in their pantry. After prototyping a smartphone app, we conducted user testing with a cognitive walkthrough of the system.  Based on feedback, we changed certain elements of the app and completed more user testing.  


Solution: We created an interactive prototype for a smartphone app that brought together a grocery list and pantry list to make organizing what you need and what you already have easier.  The pantry list included sub categories, expiration dates (with an alert if it is getting close), and amounts (so the user doesn't have to try to remember if they have enough sugar to make cookies, for example). The user could also transfer items between lists and enter items manually or using a barcode scanner. The app also featured three different ways of searching for deals: proximity, item, or store. This project spanned initial research to prototyping and doing user testing on the app.